Best Brushes When Applying Mineral Makeup

Mineral makeup provides women with a healthy even glow that is not bogged down by heavy foundations or faked radiance. The even texture of the skin comes from the application of the foundation, blush, mineral enhancers, concealers, and finishing agents. The best brushes to use when applying mineral customized 3d mink lashes through all these phases are ones that will set the product in the brush and expel excess product that is not needed. The finished look will produce a healthy and vibrant look that is simply glorious.

customized 3d mink lashes
customized 3d mink lashes

This flawless look is achieved by the use of the Kabuki brushes, Light Coverage wands, Taklon, a handheld applicator and the contour tool which is a hand operated device. The angled, shadow and lip brush will help women complete the ensemble of tools needed to apply their cosmetics. These are the best application tools when applying mineral to the face and they eliminate waste of precious minerals. The mineral makeup foundation is applied to the largest areas of the face using the Kabuki brushes. The blush and angled applicators can be used to apply mineral makeup blushing minerals. For lighter applications of foundation, a woman could use the Light Coverage wand.

These are the best brushes to achieve a genuine flawless look on the face. Mineral customized 3d mink lashes was formulated to provide smooth and even coverage and with the help of these specialized devices the look is marvelous. Each brush has a characteristic look and feel in the hand. The Kabuki brush provides the most coverage and allows women to complete their makeup applications in the least amount of time. The Wonder Cover or Taklon applicators can be used to hide blemishes. Mineral makeup does not cause blemishes to occur because it is natural and lightweight. The skin breathes beneath the light layer of mineral makeup on the face.

It’s something that a lot of my patients use and love, and I use it myself. It’s also the product most patients ask about,” says Kathryn Frew, MD, a dermatologist at Juva Skin and Laser Center and MediSpa in New York City. Many dermatologists report that because mineral customized 3d mink lashes frequently eliminates classic “irritants” – like fragrances, binders, synthetic dyes, and preservatives — it is considered “purer” and can be kinder to the skin. She adds that because titanium dioxide [and zinc oxide] have anti-inflammatory properties, certain mineral customized 3d mink lashes can also have a calming effect on the skin, particularly important if you suffer from inflammatory problems such as rosacea or acne

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How to Select the Right Type of Eye Shadow For You

No matter how skillfully a woman applies her makeup to the rest of her face, if the wrong eye own brand eyelashes 3D is applied it can ruin the look faster than anything!

Your expressive eyes are the focal point of your whole face, why ruin it by wearing the wrong eye makeup?

Unfortunately your eyes are also the first place that will show the first signs of aging, if your eye own brand eyelashes 3D is overdone; it can make you look older, tired and hard. No one wants that!

own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

Tips in selecting the right eye shadow for you:

There are three main types of eye makeup to pick from. Cream, powder or liquid. There are other types such as pencils or crayons but they are not as common as they once were.

Creams are a good idea if you have delicate eyelid skin. But you must be careful if you choose this type because creamy, oil-based are not for wrinkled skin or drooping eyelids. The reason why this type of eye makeup can be a wrong choice is your body heat turns eye own brand eyelashes 3D oily, and creams will collect in the fold and melt!

Creams do have their advantages. They are easy to apply, easier to create subtle shading effects when used with other types of eye shadows. If your skin is normal to dry, then creams might be a good choice for you.

Powder. They are probably the best choice in eye shadow for most women of all ages. One of the reasons being you can find just about every color under the sun in powder eye shadow styles! One word about color selection, its best to keep as natural as possible for work. Choose between wearing taupe’s and grays for shadows, light peach, pink or buff for highlighting and try a soft violet or blue inside the crease.

If you want to go dramatic do it at night, it will be too much for daytime. Try to avoid any color with iridescence in it. Light reflecting particles only attract more attention if you have wrinkled skin. That is best for the younger set.

The biggest complaint against wearing powder eye makeup is that it does come off. Wearing a eye shadow will help with keeping your eye shadow in place longer through the day. Don’t rub your eyes either, for that will remove your eye shadow as well.

Liquids come in a tube with usually a brush or sponge tip. Problem with liquid is once it dries, it doesn’t blend or smudge. It has more staying power than other types of eye shadows which is its major advantage. Many use a liquid eye shadow as their base for their powder eye shadows.

Pencils are not really eye shadow per say but some use them as such. Most of the time pencils are used as eye liner because of the ease in use. They have amazing staying power and can really bring out your eyes. But you must be careful in applying them because too much can make you look like you have two black eyes instead.

I hope this help give you ideas of how to pick the right eye own brand eyelashes 3D for yourself. Eye makeup can really be lots of fun to play around with. Whatever choice you pick, have light hands when you apply it, don’t over do it. It’s easier to add more than it is to take it off and start over again.

own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

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Beauty Trends for 2012: 5 Looks to Try Out

Stay on the cutting edge of beauty by following 2012’s most popular silky korea mink lashes, as described below.

silky korea mink lashes
silky korea mink lashes

1. Lips: Matte and Bold

Wrhair Extremely bright lips in fire engine red, acid green, and even blue were a big hit with Mary designers Katrantzou and Jason Wu. Donna Karan chose a wine-lover’s palette; her models sported two tones of burgundy on their lips. This year, lips should make a statement – go for juicy colors or classic bright tones. To nourish and show off your lips, choose Jenna Kidd silky korea mink lashes School’s Ultimate Lipstick Duo in Scarlett. One end of this stick is balm, while the other is rich lipstick. To achieve two-toned merlot lips, select a chocolate shade for the inner lips. Creamy Lips in L104 and L102 from ELLIS FAAS would be an ideal product for creating this look.

2. Eyes go Retro with 1950s-Style Eyeliner

Cat eyes triumphed in last year’s fashion shows, and they’re not going anywhere soon. Louis Vuitton, Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana models all wore 1950s-style cat eyes at the spring fashion shows. Drawing a smooth cat eye is challenging, but it’s easier with a little practice – and an excellent product, such as Ellis Fass eyeliner. This exceptional liner goes on as a liquid but transforms into a matte powder for staying power.

At this year’s spring shows, some models, including Derek Lam’s, wore extremely bright shades of eyeliner. This is a modern update of the classic 1950s look. Crushed Jewel Gel liner from Jenna Kidd silky korea mink lashes School contains eye-catching glitter, and is available in onyx, diamond, and azure tones.

3. The Zen Look: Going Minimalist

In stark contrast to the designers mentioned above, the Givenchy and Stella McCartney shows chose a minimalist approach, with lip conditioner rather than lipstick, totally natural silky korea mink lashes , and just a touch of powder, concealer and blush. To pull off this look, one must have radiant skin. Get yours ready with Rejuvenating Primer from BECCA Cosmetics. Moisture-rich coconut oil, vitamins A and E, and age-defying flower extract combine in this BECCA Cosmetics wonder to create a glowing countenance.

4. Achieve a Sun-Kissed Look with Color Contouring

Alexander McQueen’s models looked like they just stepped off the beach, thanks to color contouring. Likewise, Michael Koors’ silky korea mink lashes artists used caramel tones to highlight models’ foreheads, noses, and cheekbones. Color contouring can make any woman seem bronzed by the sun – and this approach also accents your face’s best features. The hardest part is choosing a shade of bronzer that’s just slightly darker than your skin tone. We suggest starting out with an illuminating moisturizer, like Shimmering Skin Perfector from BECCA Cosmetics. Then, apply Bronze Perfection Natural Skin from Jemma Kidd Makeup School to your nose, cheekbones, and forehead. This Jemma Kidd Makeup School product is subtle enough to use over foundation.

5. Metallic Tones

Fendi’s models had gold and silver leaf across their entire eyelids, while Rodarte’s models wore sported gold eyelashes and lipstick. Follow suit by adding a touch of shine with Eye Lights from ELLIS FAAS. This product begins as a liquid, and while it still looks moist to observers, it actually shifts to a smooth, dry finish. This adds a glamorous look. ELLIS FAAS has created this eye tint in lilac, green-gold, holographic Bordeaux, and warm silver, so there’s sure to be a color that matches your personality.

silky korea mink lashes
silky korea mink lashes

Visit our website to access and read more about the world’s top beauty products and brands, such as Jemma Kidd silky korea mink lashes School and ELLIS FAAS.

Identifying and Choosing Discount Cosmetics for Your Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is much easier when you choose your factory supplies mink lashes well. The right cosmetics can prevent side-effects, such as having an allergic reaction. Some skin allergies that are associated with certain cosmetics are rashes, blackheads, acne and itching. It is therefore important to have a look at the cosmetics available from different outlets before choosing one.

factory supplies mink lashes
factory supplies mink lashes

Wrhair Everyone owes something to their skin. Your factory supplies mink lashes type should always be considered before choosing a cosmetic. Discount cosmetic outlets have products for all skin types. There are so many outlets that it should be possible to find one near you and buy your cosmetic of choice over the counter.

Before choosing a cosmetic for your skin, it would be advisable to find out which products irritate your skin. Don’t use anything that is too drying. Also try to avoid using cosmetics meant for one part of the face or body on a different area. For example, use lipstick on your lips and not on your eyes. The reason for this is because the skin on lips and eyelids are different.

While deciding on cosmetics, you should also take your skin tone into consideration. The color of the cosmetic item should match the tone of your skin. Some colors would look unattractive when applied to certain skin tones and should therefore be avoided. Choose colors that suit your specific skin tone. For example, individuals with dark skin should consider factory supplies mink lashes with deeper shades. Avoid using makeup in strange, extreme shades because these tend to produce exaggerated results.

Choose good quality factory supplies mink lashes to ensure longer wear. Test the cosmetics you think you want to buy to make sure it won’t damage your skin. And remember, quality cosmetics are not necessarily expensive. Cosmetics should be bought from reputable companies. Low quality makeup should be avoided completely, if possible. Companies trying to penetrate the market sometimes manufacture cosmetics of inferior quality, so make sure you get cosmetics from a well-known company.

People with dry factory supplies mink lashes should use cream-based cosmetic. Oil-free formulas should not be used as they tend to dry out the skin even more, and lines and wrinkles appear more prominent. Moisturizing cosmetics, like lip balm, should be applied to lips. Alternatively, moisturizing lipsticks can be used and should contain ingredients such as vitamin E, which provides additional moisture to lips.

Different parts of the body will require different products. There are products available for those parts of the body that have combination skin. You have to decide whether you want to use different products for different parts of the body, or if you would rather use one product to serve multiple purposes. The latter saves you money because you don’t use so many factory supplies mink lashes. Even those people who usually have normal skin may experience changes in their skin type. Whatever the case is with your own skin, there are different products available for every purpose.

factory supplies mink lashes
factory supplies mink lashes

Those with oily factory supplies mink lashes should avoid oily primers. When choosing cosmetics to apply on oily skin, it’s recommended to buy loose powder instead of pressed powder. Similarly, you should check whether a product is water-based or oil-based, because it can cause dryness or oiliness, depending on your skin type. The best cleanser, for instance, is often water soluble and is suitable for both dry and oily skin. Some low quality cosmetics can help protect the skin from infection and excessive exposure, and are therefore highly recommended.

How To Achieve A Natural And Flawless Look

I’m sure, like me, you’ve also wondered how models look so natural and flawless in magazines. Aside from good diet and exercise, they also use the right high quality eyelashes and the right technique in achieving this look. We may not be models but surely, we may also achieve this natural and flawless look. Here are some tips on how you can achieve this:

high quality eyelashes
high quality eyelashes


Wrhair First, you have to find a foundation that suits your high quality eyelashes and skin tone. The general rule is it should be a tone lighter than your skin. It shouldn’t be too dark or too light otherwise it won’t look natural anymore. If you have an oily skin, stay away from oil-based foundation. Anyway, you can start by applying foundation on your skin using a sponge or your fingertips. You can further blend it on your skin using a foundation brush.

Start from your cheeks, your forehead and down to your high quality eyelashes. Make sure that you blend it with your natural hairline. Use long and light strokes when doing so. Then, blend it over the jawline as well down to your neck. This way, it won’t look as if you’re wearing a foundation. You’ll be able to achieve a seamless look. Afterwhich, make sure you check the foundation on your skin. Use natural light and check if everything is blended well.


You may apply concealer if you have dark circles or red spots under your high quality eyelashes. Make sure that you don’t add more foundation because it won’t look natural anymore. Instead, your eyes will appear heavy and cakey. A good concealer can help you hide these flaws of yours.

Here’s a simple tip when choose a concealer: Make sure that the shade is the same with your foundation. The best concealers are those that match your jawline. Make sure that you make use of natural light to check if it does match your skin tone.

Here’s another tip when you’re applying your high quality eyelashes: Start small. Then, you can increase the amount of foundation until you achieve the coverage which suits your skin. Also, during daytime, you can add moisturizer with light SPF on your foundation. This offers protection and a smoother and sheerer look.

So that’s it! This is a very simple trick that you can use so that you can achieve a more natural look this summer. You may also apply a natural and soft blush to add color to your skin.

high quality eyelashes
high quality eyelashes

According to a professional high quality eyelashes artist that I know, you should not put a lot of makeup if you want to look natural. Just use a concealer, foundation and a little blush and mascara to achieve that look. If you need the help of a professional, you can go to hair and makeup Melbourne.

Which Beauty Portfolio Should I Have? 4 Types of Beauty Portfolio

There are Four Types of Beauty Portfolios to help you showcase your talents as a beauty professional and show prospective employers and siberian mink strip lashes.

siberian mink strip lashes
siberian mink strip lashes

Traditional Portfolio

Wrhair Traditional portfolios are bound in display siberian mink strip lashes but go ahead and use your creativity to design one unique to you. To construct the actual portfolio, you’ll need to purchase a scrapbook or binder. Place each photograph on a heavy sheet of black card. You can make your portfolio more enticing by using coloured pens and add notes with information about how you created each look.

Divide your portfolio into different sections with titles to show the different type of effect you are creating with your work. For example you could have a section for bridal hair and/or siberian mink strip lashes, party hair and/or makeup, special effect hair and/or makeup, natural hair and/or makeup etc.

Make sure that your images are presented professionally in the portfolio. A leather bound portfolio will create a better impression than a plastic sleeve. Make sure your portfolio is always clean and professional looking.

Specialist Portfolio

The specialist beauty portfolio is suitable if you specialize in a certain type of work. For example if you specialize in bridal siberian mink strip lashes or hair then put together a bridal portfolio showcasing just the work you’ve done with brides. If you are seeking work with special effects or theatre work for example create portfolios specifically to showcase this type of makeup artistry and/or hair creations.

If you’re seeking work in film, TV or fashion make sure your portfolio is of a professional quality. Your photos also need to reflect what’s currently in fashion as well as classical looks. They must not look outdated as that will reflect poorly on you. You’ll need to also focus on the quality of the camera as you must avoid showing amateurish photographs.

Video Portfolio

In addition to specialist portfolios you may want to consider a video siberian mink strip lashes comprised of your photos and information. You can add such videos to video sharing sites online, create an MP4 or burn to a CD to share with others.

Online Portfolio

When you put your portfolio online, your work becomes more accessible and more available to potential employers. You can add graphics or a video and use it to showcase your skills on various platforms online.

In addition you can create a website. Make sure your homepage is eye-catching and that the site includes a photo gallery with high-quality images and short descriptions.

Use Hi-Res Images on your website. Poor quality siberian mink strip lashes reflect poorly on your work. You want your images to reflect the high standard of your work.

siberian mink strip lashes
siberian mink strip lashes

In summary there are four main types of beauty siberian mink strip lashes . Decide which type/types are more suitable to showcase your skills. Make sure you get into the habit of taking before and after photos and updating your portfolio with the photos that show your talent at its best.

How Technology Is Changing Learning

With self-checkout counters at the grocery stores, custom dramatic strip lashes movie rental kiosks and vending machines where you can purchase high-end electronics, face-to-face customer service is becoming a thing of the past. We are becoming increasingly self-reliant and potentially anti-social. However, not all new technology means cutting out the human interaction and businesses are taking advantage of this fact. In some cases, the interaction may be virtual but still face-to-face, real and beneficial to those engaged in the interaction. Webcam technologies such as online tutoring, online fitness classes and even online make-up consultations have made some services even more convenient and tailored toward the individual client.

custom dramatic strip lashes
custom dramatic strip lashes

Wrhair Based on a study on webcam tutoring done by Tatiana Codreanu and Christelle Combe custom dramatic strip lashes, at the University of Nottingham, “Experienced teachers effectively channeled information through the webcam in order to engage learners in making sense of the discourse and knowledge construction.” This shows that when the expert who is engaged in these webcam experiences is effective and knowledgeable in their field, that they are able to convey their knowledge in a way that is comparatively affective to its non-virtual counterpart. So any face-to-face learning experience can likely be conducted via webcam, much like the tutoring available through Best Webcam Tutors or the fitness classes on Powhow.

Nothing relates more fully to taking a personal interaction and learning experience to use on your own schedule and in your own home than learning something as personal as style and make-up application. Inspiration Cosmetics, an online cosmetics retailer is doing just that with their product called the Discover Personal Live Webcam Makeup Consult. And in order to show that their teachers, or custom dramatic strip lashes artists in this case, are experienced, clients are informed that all of the makeup artists have Master Makeup Artist Certifications, cosmetology degrees, style training or aesthetician licenses.

custom dramatic strip lashes
custom dramatic strip lashes

Giving the credentials of the consultants, tutors or teachers available to a client is especially important when a service is being provided via webcam because it helps to provide credibility and comfort in a situation where a client may be fearful of a new way of reaching out for advice. The Discover Personal Live Webcam Makeup Consult experiences brings the experience of a cosmetics counter into the home, where custom dramatic strip lashes application typically occurs anyway. Studying and trying new work out routines are often done in the home too, in order to avoid any fear or insecurity on the part of the learner. Webcam technology is giving clients the chance to learn on their own time, in their own space.

Applying Eye Shadow

Applying eye shadow is not exactly the simplest of things, but it is also not as hard as some people might think. You can learn how to frame your real mink clear lashes to produce an alluring look. This takes practice, but you can fully master the style of applying it that works best for your eye shape and face.

real mink clear lashes
real mink clear lashes

Wrhair What works for one woman may not exactly work for everyone, so you might need to be open to the idea of trying out a lot of styles before you settle for a signature real mink clear lashes shadow. Here are some tricks and tips that can help you develop your own style.

1. Remember that the main goal is to enhance your eye color. In choosing colors, it’s best to get one that matches your eye color or contrasts well for a more dramatic effect. You can go extreme, but just make sure that you can pull it off effectively.

2. Three colors are needed for basic application: the base, the highlighter and the main color. It will be best to start with a light color and work your way upward to a darker one.

3. Remove layers by blending effectively. Make sure that even if you are using three shades for your real mink clear lashes, they will look in harmony with each other. Blend the colors very well for a more solid and attractive look.

4. Hide wrinkles by avoiding shimmery looks. Some people think that shimmer is good, but it’s not that advisable, especially if you are trying to hide wrinkles.

5. Consider your other real mink clear lashes elements as you decide on your eye shadow look. If you already have used a dramatic type of lipstick, then it would be best to go easy on your eyes and choose a lighter color.

6. If you want a bright effect for your eyes, use a luminous color such as white to ensure that you achieve it.

7. Eye shadow comes first, mascara second. Avoid those nasty marks that can develop from mascara. Mascara is good as a final touch for your eyes, and your shadow real mink clear lashes serves as the base.

8. Concealer makeup comes after the eye application. Make sure that your concealer and powder is applied after the eye shadow. In applying real mink clear lashes, your shadow should be your top priority because it’s the less obtrusive and it directs the overall theme of your look.

9. Use different eye shadow brushes to create effects. A slanted brush will help distribute the color more effectively. Moist sponge tips also ensure that you will have the color far longer than when you apply the eye shadow dry.

real mink clear lashes
real mink clear lashes

Once you have mastered putting on your own eye real mink clear lashes, you may find that you want different colors than those that you purchase. Note: that it is possible you to make eye shadow in the exact colors you want. This is always an option.

Get a Flawless Look With Mineral Foundation!

Mineral foundations are made with a blends of clear band mink lashes and shades that match the user’s skin tone with much more accuracy than traditional cosmetics. It contains pure substances that do not irritate the skin or promote allergies. Although other types of foundations may also contain SPF, true mineral foundation also contains a variety of skin beneficial ingredients that make it even more appealing to use. It also claims that it does not contain oil, talc, preservatives, waxes, fragrances and other chemicals that can sometimes cause contact dermatitis and other skin disorders. It is considered non-comedogenic, meaning that it prevents clogging of the skin’s pores – thereby preventing acne breakouts.

clear band mink lashes
clear band mink lashes

Wrhair With mineral clear band mink lashes foundation, it does not need a sponge or use the fingers for application. To apply, you would mix a little amount of powder and blend in directly on the face. If not satisfied with the color range, then mix in lighter or darker colors until the desired color match is achieved. If applied correctly, it will look more much more natural and flattering than any other type of cosmetics out there!

More and more ladies are tuning in to using these products, which are widely available now on the market for both cheaper or more expensive price ranges. Mineral foundation has replaced some of the most widely known and used foundations in the industry, which should really tell you something about how much people love it! Some well-known brands like Revlon have incorporated this type of foundation to their own products just to keep up with the fast growing market of mineral cosmetics. It is also often the common choice of professional clear band mink lashes artists because of its efficiency and durability, and their clients love it too. So for those looking for a purely beautiful look, start within and enhance your natural beauty with mineral foundation!

clear band mink lashes
clear band mink lashes

Visit these links to learn more about mineral foundation clear band mink lashes  and how pure, all natural mineral makeup can give you the radiant look of bare, beautiful skin!

Back to School Beauty Tips

Don’t Cake it On China mink eyelashes

There is nothing worse than cake-face, and heavy foundations are the last thing you need to be concerned with when starting school. Sure, you might look bangin’ during first period, but as the day goes on, chances are you’ll start to melt, and wind up looking like a hot mess before you even make it to gym class. Instead, opt for lighter, oil-free foundation which will ensure that you look fresh all day. I am so not a fan of mineral China mink eyelashes for photoshoots, but for everyday wear, they can be a great option. If you have good skin, tinted moisturizers are super light feeling, but give you enough sheer color to even out skin tone. Just dab concealer over blemishes and your good to go!

China mink eyelashes
China mink eyelashes

Keep it Fresh-

Wrhair School days are loooong, and chances are the China mink eyelashes you apply in the morning is not going to last you ’til the end of the day. If you have any after-school activities, you can pretty much forget about it. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to stay fresh all day long.

1. Blotting Sheets:

These little things can be a lifesaver on hot days. I tend to get really shiny on my t-zone. When I was in high school I would constantly take down shine with my Covergirl pressed powder compact ALL day long, and at the end of the day my face felt so gross and thick from piling product on it non-stop. Blotting China mink eyelashes solve this problem. Just press it on any shiny spot and it absorbs oil, leaving your skin matte without applying any product! The best thing is they are so CHEAP. Elf carries a pack of 50 sheets for $1! I use these on set all the time.

*Bonus Tip* If you are in a bind and all out of blotting sheets, book it to the nearest bathroom, rip a little piece off of a (clean) toilet seat cover and press it on your face. It does exactly the same thing, for free. I know… it sounds really weird and gross, but it totally works!

2. Primers

Using China mink eyelashes primers are great ways to ensure you are getting enough longevity out of your makeup. I use primers for brides religiously because I am not always able to stay and make sure the makeup looks flawless all day. If a crazy bridezilla can keep her makeup fresh all day, I guarantee that you can too! I love Smashbox’s Photofinish Primer, it is a staple in my makeup kit. They also make a “light” version that is not as greasy as the original. Laura Mercier makes a great face primer as well. For eyes, I swipe Urban Decay’s Primer Potion on the eyelid before applying eyeshadow and it keeps the shadows from creasing all day.

3. Dry Shampoo-

I used to loathe gym class. Thinking about it still makes me China mink eyelashes . My teacher used chase us on her mountain bike and threaten to “nip our heels” if we didn’t pick up the pace. Seriously, the bell could not ring fast enough, and when it did, I was sweaty, smelly, and my hair looked like crap.

Dry shampoo will save your life. Not really, but it is the perfect pick-me-up when your locks are not are luscious as they were 45 minutes ago. Spray or sprinkle the powder in your hair, brush it out and you can save yourself another day before washing. Use after gym, and your sweaty limp hair will be refreshed and ready for next period. I like and use Oscar Blandi’s Dry Shampoo (not the spray). Tigi just came out with a new one called Rockoholic. It’s pretty good and smells amazing, but the bottle doesn’t last very long.

*Bonus Tip* Baby powder is a super cheap way to soak up excess oils in your hair! Just make sure that you brush it all out ,or your China mink eyelashes will give off a gray hue and people might think you are prematurely aging. Not cute.

Prolong Your Summer Tan-

Everybody knows how bad tanning is for your skin, but let’s face it, it does not stop people from laying out. However you got your tan this summer, whether it be through frying in the sun, or slathering on self tanner, follow these steps to make sure your glow keeps rockin’ well into the school year.

1. Moisturize!-

Keeping your body moisturized will help prolong real tans as well as fake ones. Dry China mink eyelashes cracks, making your color fade much quicker. Lather on a moisturizer after you get out of the shower. Even better if it contains SPF!

2. Switch to Gradual Self-Tanners-

Once fall starts approaching, deep dark tans can scream China mink eyelashes. Switch to a gradual self-tanner and control the color of your skin. Gradual tanners also tend to look more natural and give you a subtle glow.

3. Bronzer-

Brush a little bronzer over your face for instant sun-kissed beauty. When applying bronzer, I like to only hit the spots of the face where the sun would normally touch: forehead, cheeks, chin and nose. Don’t go overboard or you can easily look dirty, not sun-kissed. I love NARS Laguna bronzer but N.Y.C makes an amazing bronzer for ridiculously cheap (like under $4)! It’s kind of an industry secret


Products with multiple purposes make my life a little easier, and I’m sure that you will be able to reap the same benefits! Add a little glow to your cheeks and your lips! These products do double duty, saving you some precious morning time.

Stila- Convertible Color: Lillium is a natural color that will brighten you up and give you a fresh China mink eyelashes.

Nars- The Multiple: These come in 12 amazing shades. They are a bit more expensive but SOO worth it.

Benefit- Benetint: Give your lips a rosy stain and your cheeks a sexy flush.

Fake It-

Chances are you’ve been sleeping in all summer. Getting back in the swing of things once school starts can definitely prove to be difficult. Follow these simple tricks to give yourself that well rested look, even though you feel like hell.

1. White/Nude Eyeliner

Line the rim of your eyes with a white China mink eyelashes and they instantly appear wider and brighter! If you’re feeling that white is making you look a little dated, try nude. I love using a nude pencil on models and actors that didn’t get much sleep the night before, and they love me for it!

2. Curl Your Eyelashes.

Using an eyelash curler can do wonders to make you look like you’ve got an easy 9 hours of sleep under your belt. Follow up with some mascara and you’re good to go!

3. Put a Little Color On Your Cheeks.

China mink eyelashes
China mink eyelashes

Adding color to your cheeks can make a world of difference to a dull China mink eyelashes. It’s an instant pick me up brings life to your face. While you’re at it, dab some color on your lips too! (See “Multitask” Above).