Which Beauty Portfolio Should I Have? 4 Types of Beauty Portfolio

There are Four Types of Beauty Portfolios to help you showcase your talents as a beauty professional and show prospective employers and siberian mink strip lashes.

siberian mink strip lashes
siberian mink strip lashes

Traditional Portfolio

Wrhair Traditional portfolios are bound in display siberian mink strip lashes but go ahead and use your creativity to design one unique to you. To construct the actual portfolio, you’ll need to purchase a scrapbook or binder. Place each photograph on a heavy sheet of black card. You can make your portfolio more enticing by using coloured pens and add notes with information about how you created each look.

Divide your portfolio into different sections with titles to show the different type of effect you are creating with your work. For example you could have a section for bridal hair and/or siberian mink strip lashes, party hair and/or makeup, special effect hair and/or makeup, natural hair and/or makeup etc.

Make sure that your images are presented professionally in the portfolio. A leather bound portfolio will create a better impression than a plastic sleeve. Make sure your portfolio is always clean and professional looking.

Specialist Portfolio

The specialist beauty portfolio is suitable if you specialize in a certain type of work. For example if you specialize in bridal siberian mink strip lashes or hair then put together a bridal portfolio showcasing just the work you’ve done with brides. If you are seeking work with special effects or theatre work for example create portfolios specifically to showcase this type of makeup artistry and/or hair creations.

If you’re seeking work in film, TV or fashion make sure your portfolio is of a professional quality. Your photos also need to reflect what’s currently in fashion as well as classical looks. They must not look outdated as that will reflect poorly on you. You’ll need to also focus on the quality of the camera as you must avoid showing amateurish photographs.

Video Portfolio

In addition to specialist portfolios you may want to consider a video siberian mink strip lashes comprised of your photos and information. You can add such videos to video sharing sites online, create an MP4 or burn to a CD to share with others.

Online Portfolio

When you put your portfolio online, your work becomes more accessible and more available to potential employers. You can add graphics or a video and use it to showcase your skills on various platforms online.

In addition you can create a website. Make sure your homepage is eye-catching and that the site includes a photo gallery with high-quality images and short descriptions.

Use Hi-Res Images on your website. Poor quality siberian mink strip lashes reflect poorly on your work. You want your images to reflect the high standard of your work.

siberian mink strip lashes
siberian mink strip lashes

In summary there are four main types of beauty siberian mink strip lashes . Decide which type/types are more suitable to showcase your skills. Make sure you get into the habit of taking before and after photos and updating your portfolio with the photos that show your talent at its best.

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