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Top 10 Ways to Utilize Q-Tips in Your Beauty Routine

Yesterday I spent the day working as a rep for Q-Tips. The company has recently released 3 new vanity packs, that are cute enough to leave out on your counter. As makeup artists for the brand, we were only allowed to use Q-Tips to apply a full face of own brand eyelashes cruelty! It was challenging but also really fun, and it got me thinking about the best ways to utilize Q-Tips in your own beauty routines!

1. Erase Mistakes
I use Q-tips mainly for quick and easy clean up when I make mistakes. They are also great for when your mascara or eyeliner start to run. Just dab the Q-tip in a little bit of moisturizer or eye makeup remover and lightly run it over the mistake. Voila, it disappears completely!

2. Smudge Your Eyeliner For Perfect Smokey Eyes

own brand eyelashes cruelty
own brand eyelashes cruelty

The cotton head of the Q-tip is perfect for smudging your eye own brand eyelashes cruelty to give you that sultry, smokey eye. Apply a black or grey eyeliner to your bottom eye-lid and use the Q-tip to smudge the line, making it less harsh, and ultra sexy.

3. Soften Harsh Lines and Colors
Ok, maybe you went a little bit overboard when trying out that new own brand eyelashes cruelty look, but have no fear! Use a Q-tip to softly blend in a circular motion over dark, dense colors. The cotton picks up excess pigment and softens the harshness of your mistake. You can use this trick on your eyebrows, eyelids, lips, etc..

4. Prevent Bleeding Lipstick 
Don’t you hate it when you apply a beautiful red lip, only to find that half-way through the day, the color has traveled past your lip line, and onto the rest of your face? Try dipping a Q-tip in a little bit of loose powder, and run it along the edge of your freshly applied lipstick. The powder acts as a barrier, keeping lipstick on your lips, and only your lips.

5. Highlight The Inner Corner of Your Eyes
Lately, I have really been into highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. I feel like it brightens the whole eye area and makes you seem awake. In order to pull off this little trick, you need a Q-tip to get in this hard to reach area. Dip the Q-tip into a shimmery eyeshadow or pigment and dot the color right at the corner of your inner eye. I prefer to do whites, golds and neutrals to keep it natural but experiment with different colors as well!

6. Clean Up Excess Nail Polish
I don’t know about you, but whenever I paint my nails I make a HUGE mess, I literally get polish everywhere! Whether you are as messy as I am, or if you only make tiny mistakes, they are easily fixable with Q-Tips! Dip the Q-tip in nail polish remover and rub away the errors. The small, precise tip makes it perfect for small details such as this.

7. On the Go Touch Ups
Keeping several Q-tips in your purse or backpack is a great way to ensure that you stay fresh all day. I use them to clean up my smudged mascara and bleeding lipstick (like mentioned above), but they are also great for when your eyeshadow starts to crease. If you find this happening, pull out a Q-tip and gently clean up wherever you see creasing, and you’re good to go! Also when wearing a smokey eye, do you ever get the black “goop” that travels the the inner corners of your eye? Swipe a Q-tip in the tear duct to clean it up in a hurry!

8. Dab on Some Concealer
The best way to cover up a zit is to dab it concealer and gently pat around the pimple to blend the cover-up into your skin. The only problem is, your fingers are not always clean and the bacteria you could be spreading to your face will only give you more zits. Use a Q-tip to dab the concealer on your blemish and blend with the soft edges of the cotton tip. Clean, sanitary and effective!

9. Perfect Your Liner
The only thing I love more than a regular Q-tip is a pointed Q-tip!! These babies can be an amazing tool to help you perfect a winged eye liner look. First, draw on your liner and bring it out past your eyes into the cat-eye shape. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly sharp or precise. Next, take your pointed Q-tip and dip it in a little bit of moisturizer. Use the sharp edge to perfect the shape, taking little bits off at a time until you have the cleanest, hottest cat-eye around!

10. Apply Makeup in a Pinch!
Whether your brushes are dirty, or your heading straight to a fancy dinner from the office, Q-tips can be a great tool when you have to apply makeup in a pinch!

My main tip for applying your makeup with a Q-tip is to keep it simple! Dip one in a black eyeshadow and run it along your bottom lashes for a sexy smokey eye. Swipe a bright colored shadow along your eyelid for a fun and quick own brand eyelashes cruelty look. Apply your eyeshadow with a wet Q-tip for a more dramatic color pay-off. Dip one in a sultry lip stain and swipe across your lips. Dot a liquid highlighter along your cheekbones and blend in for sexy shimmer. The possibilities are endless and easy! I don’t recommend applying lipgloss with it though! The cotton “hairs” get stuck everywhere and it becomes really messy. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way!


own brand eyelashes cruelty
own brand eyelashes cruelty

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