How to Select the Right Type of Eye Shadow For You

No matter how skillfully a woman applies her makeup to the rest of her face, if the wrong eye own brand eyelashes 3D is applied it can ruin the look faster than anything!

Your expressive eyes are the focal point of your whole face, why ruin it by wearing the wrong eye makeup?

Unfortunately your eyes are also the first place that will show the first signs of aging, if your eye own brand eyelashes 3D is overdone; it can make you look older, tired and hard. No one wants that!

own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

Tips in selecting the right eye shadow for you:

There are three main types of eye makeup to pick from. Cream, powder or liquid. There are other types such as pencils or crayons but they are not as common as they once were.

Creams are a good idea if you have delicate eyelid skin. But you must be careful if you choose this type because creamy, oil-based are not for wrinkled skin or drooping eyelids. The reason why this type of eye makeup can be a wrong choice is your body heat turns eye own brand eyelashes 3D oily, and creams will collect in the fold and melt!

Creams do have their advantages. They are easy to apply, easier to create subtle shading effects when used with other types of eye shadows. If your skin is normal to dry, then creams might be a good choice for you.

Powder. They are probably the best choice in eye shadow for most women of all ages. One of the reasons being you can find just about every color under the sun in powder eye shadow styles! One word about color selection, its best to keep as natural as possible for work. Choose between wearing taupe’s and grays for shadows, light peach, pink or buff for highlighting and try a soft violet or blue inside the crease.

If you want to go dramatic do it at night, it will be too much for daytime. Try to avoid any color with iridescence in it. Light reflecting particles only attract more attention if you have wrinkled skin. That is best for the younger set.

The biggest complaint against wearing powder eye makeup is that it does come off. Wearing a eye shadow will help with keeping your eye shadow in place longer through the day. Don’t rub your eyes either, for that will remove your eye shadow as well.

Liquids come in a tube with usually a brush or sponge tip. Problem with liquid is once it dries, it doesn’t blend or smudge. It has more staying power than other types of eye shadows which is its major advantage. Many use a liquid eye shadow as their base for their powder eye shadows.

Pencils are not really eye shadow per say but some use them as such. Most of the time pencils are used as eye liner because of the ease in use. They have amazing staying power and can really bring out your eyes. But you must be careful in applying them because too much can make you look like you have two black eyes instead.

I hope this help give you ideas of how to pick the right eye own brand eyelashes 3D for yourself. Eye makeup can really be lots of fun to play around with. Whatever choice you pick, have light hands when you apply it, don’t over do it. It’s easier to add more than it is to take it off and start over again.

own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

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