Eye Make Up Tips for Older Women

Once you reach a certain age it is important that you edit your false eyelashes box  down to a minimalistic color pallet because nothing ages you more then badly applied makeup. Thick eyeliner, bold lipsticks, clumpy mascara and layered shimmery eye shadow are all applications that can look really aging and need to be avoided on mature skin. The wrong makeup application especially around the eyes, will accentuate creepy eyelids and fine lines and wrinkles. For a more sophisticated look use colors that are closer to your skin tone that have been artfully blended in so they look subtle and classy:

false eyelashes box
false eyelashes box

Wrhair Base: As we age our false eyelashes box becomes drier and visible signs of aging appear such as fine lines, broken capillaries and dark shadows. For this reason choosing the right foundation base is critical in helping to achieve that youthful dewy finish. Start by using a hydrating moisturizer to make your skin look fresher and follow with a high pigment, light textured liquid foundation, that will work to cover blemishes and appear light and luminous on the skin. Only apply it where you need it because youthful skin should appear fresh and clear. Avoid the use of matte finishes and powder as it can take away your natural glow and accentuate fine lines and wrinkles.

Eyes: Before you begin thinking about your eyeliner you need to prep your false eyelashes box with an eye cream and primer, this will help to moisturize the delicate thin area around the eyes and smooth the way for your eyeshadow, which can have a habit of forming in creases and fading throughout the day. The silicones in the primer will ensure your shadow glides on effortlessly. Follow with a thin coating of foundation that will help to disguise any blood vessels and discolorations

Eye shadow: When thinking about eyeshadow colors it is important not to overdo it, stick to two or three colors that compliment your natural skin tone, such as muted browns beige’s and bronze that work give the eye definition without looking to overdone. Using white in the center of the eyelid will help to give your eyes pop and make them appear larger then they actually are.

Eyeliner: As we age our false eyelashes box become less defined and as a result women will tend to draw a hard line across the lower and upper lid in a bid to try to enhance them. Hard edges however can be aging and a softer more blended look can divert attention away from the more obvious signs of aging, such as crow’s feet. Browns, beiges, greys and creams are really flattering, helping to give the eyes definition whilst not looking too overdone.

Mascara: The key to avoiding clumpy lashes is application; mascara needs to be applied right at the base of the lashes. As you draw the mascara through the lashes, wiggle the brush up to the tips, that will help to give the illusion of longer fuller looking lashes. Before applying mascara always curl your lashes because nothing opens them more. Faking it with lashes is also a really great option, especially for the evening; apply a few at the corner of the eye, which can look really flattering.

Lips: As we age our lips start to loose color and collagen, but you don’t have to resort to fillers and false eyelashes box to make them appear fuller. Avoid using a lip liner that is the wrong color in a bid to make your lips look fuller as this is really dated, use a lip liner that matches your natural lip color and draw a straight line across your cupids bow to give the illusion of a fuller of pout. Finish by highlighting the center of your lips with a dab of lip gloss right in the center, helping to give the illusion of fuller looking lips. Glosses and shimmers will help to make the lips look fuller, whilst opaque matte colors will make them look thinner. Very dark shades can be very aging, to much drama looks dated and old!

false eyelashes box
false eyelashes box

The most important thing to remember as we age when it comes to false eyelashes box is that less is more, carefully chosen makeup is definitely more flattering.

Pre Wedding Women Wellness Manual

Pre wedding women wellness is a manual for women who are planning to get married; it is a guide on how to look after your mind, body and soul and it also helps you keep your nerves under control. Preparing a wedding list can be stressful and you can easily forget the necessities like accessories, cake decorations, gifts for the guests, booking a hairdresser and most importantly your personal 3d drop mink lashes artist to make you look beautiful on the big day.

3d drop mink lashes
3d drop mink lashes

Wrhair Getting married can be a very challenging task; you should have support from family and friends or book a wedding planner if budget 3d drop mink lashes. It should be the most precious day of your life, so this means by looking your absolute best on your special day, looking stunning will be on top of any woman’s wedding wish list.

Bridal 3d drop mink lashes  should be very special on your wedding day; and should be applied by a professional, and the makeup should be long lasting, every bride should not only look beautiful, but should feel beautiful within. As we all know beauty starts from the inside, so this guide will help show you 10 easy steps, which will help you be prepared for your wedding day.

Step 1: Book and secure your 3d drop mink lashes artist, reserve an appointment for about 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day, so you can practise the look you want to achieve on your special day. The wedding day is also special for close family and friends, so consider booking an appointment for the whole bridal party if budget permits.

Step 2: Book an appointment with your chosen 3d drop mink lashes artist, so she can take you on a makeup shopping trip to help choose your foundation, remember it is always handy to buy two shades, if you are buying in the summer as your skin complexion could change from the time you had your consultation to the actual wedding day.

Step 3: Eat smart and choose whole grains, fruits fresh greens and proteins such as fish and beans like lentils and chickpeas, avoid too much red meat and pork as this can make you gain pounds and make your skin look drawn.

Step 4: Drink loads of water, preferably spring water to hydrate the skin and flush out all the toxins in your body, if you are a person who suffers with anxiety, try couple drops of flower essence in your water, this will help calm your mind, body and soul.

Step 5: Try exercise at least 2-3 times a week to strengthen your body and keep you fit.

Step 6: Take regular 3d drop mink lashes , rather than showers try using Epsom or sea salt, why not try adding couple of drops of essential oils to your bath water, Lavender is a good all rounder and it is known for its calming qualities. In the meantime burn a candle and play soothing music, this will help calm you and help you be still within, and this will help you get as much sleep as possible until the special day.

Step 7: Do not use a tanning bed before your wedding day, if you require more colour to your skin, you can use a good bronzer or use a self tanning cream, but please test all products weeks before your special day.

Step 8: Do not try new 3d drop mink lashes products on the very day of your wedding, you don’t want to waste time and you can’t afford for anything to go wrong.

Step 9: Cleanse tone and moisturise should be every woman’s ritual, but why not book your self a course of beauty facials and a deep cleanse facial and a full body massage. This will work wonders and make you feel relaxed and at ease.

3d drop mink lashes
3d drop mink lashes

Step 10: Pack a wedding day essential bag, which should consist of 3d drop mink lashes , concealer, foundation stick, lip balm and lip colour, lip liner, perfume for top ups, tissues, wipes, mirror and a pack of mints, so you can remain looking fresh and beautiful throughout the day.

Top 10 Ways to Utilize Q-Tips in Your Beauty Routine

Yesterday I spent the day working as a rep for Q-Tips. The company has recently released 3 new vanity packs, that are cute enough to leave out on your counter. As makeup artists for the brand, we were only allowed to use Q-Tips to apply a full face of own brand eyelashes cruelty! It was challenging but also really fun, and it got me thinking about the best ways to utilize Q-Tips in your own beauty routines!

1. Erase Mistakes
I use Q-tips mainly for quick and easy clean up when I make mistakes. They are also great for when your mascara or eyeliner start to run. Just dab the Q-tip in a little bit of moisturizer or eye makeup remover and lightly run it over the mistake. Voila, it disappears completely!

2. Smudge Your Eyeliner For Perfect Smokey Eyes

own brand eyelashes cruelty
own brand eyelashes cruelty

The cotton head of the Q-tip is perfect for smudging your eye own brand eyelashes cruelty to give you that sultry, smokey eye. Apply a black or grey eyeliner to your bottom eye-lid and use the Q-tip to smudge the line, making it less harsh, and ultra sexy.

3. Soften Harsh Lines and Colors
Ok, maybe you went a little bit overboard when trying out that new own brand eyelashes cruelty look, but have no fear! Use a Q-tip to softly blend in a circular motion over dark, dense colors. The cotton picks up excess pigment and softens the harshness of your mistake. You can use this trick on your eyebrows, eyelids, lips, etc..

4. Prevent Bleeding Lipstick 
Don’t you hate it when you apply a beautiful red lip, only to find that half-way through the day, the color has traveled past your lip line, and onto the rest of your face? Try dipping a Q-tip in a little bit of loose powder, and run it along the edge of your freshly applied lipstick. The powder acts as a barrier, keeping lipstick on your lips, and only your lips.

5. Highlight The Inner Corner of Your Eyes
Lately, I have really been into highlighting the inner corner of the eyes. I feel like it brightens the whole eye area and makes you seem awake. In order to pull off this little trick, you need a Q-tip to get in this hard to reach area. Dip the Q-tip into a shimmery eyeshadow or pigment and dot the color right at the corner of your inner eye. I prefer to do whites, golds and neutrals to keep it natural but experiment with different colors as well!

6. Clean Up Excess Nail Polish
I don’t know about you, but whenever I paint my nails I make a HUGE mess, I literally get polish everywhere! Whether you are as messy as I am, or if you only make tiny mistakes, they are easily fixable with Q-Tips! Dip the Q-tip in nail polish remover and rub away the errors. The small, precise tip makes it perfect for small details such as this.

7. On the Go Touch Ups
Keeping several Q-tips in your purse or backpack is a great way to ensure that you stay fresh all day. I use them to clean up my smudged mascara and bleeding lipstick (like mentioned above), but they are also great for when your eyeshadow starts to crease. If you find this happening, pull out a Q-tip and gently clean up wherever you see creasing, and you’re good to go! Also when wearing a smokey eye, do you ever get the black “goop” that travels the the inner corners of your eye? Swipe a Q-tip in the tear duct to clean it up in a hurry!

8. Dab on Some Concealer
The best way to cover up a zit is to dab it concealer and gently pat around the pimple to blend the cover-up into your skin. The only problem is, your fingers are not always clean and the bacteria you could be spreading to your face will only give you more zits. Use a Q-tip to dab the concealer on your blemish and blend with the soft edges of the cotton tip. Clean, sanitary and effective!

9. Perfect Your Liner
The only thing I love more than a regular Q-tip is a pointed Q-tip!! These babies can be an amazing tool to help you perfect a winged eye liner look. First, draw on your liner and bring it out past your eyes into the cat-eye shape. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly sharp or precise. Next, take your pointed Q-tip and dip it in a little bit of moisturizer. Use the sharp edge to perfect the shape, taking little bits off at a time until you have the cleanest, hottest cat-eye around!

10. Apply Makeup in a Pinch!
Whether your brushes are dirty, or your heading straight to a fancy dinner from the office, Q-tips can be a great tool when you have to apply makeup in a pinch!

My main tip for applying your makeup with a Q-tip is to keep it simple! Dip one in a black eyeshadow and run it along your bottom lashes for a sexy smokey eye. Swipe a bright colored shadow along your eyelid for a fun and quick own brand eyelashes cruelty look. Apply your eyeshadow with a wet Q-tip for a more dramatic color pay-off. Dip one in a sultry lip stain and swipe across your lips. Dot a liquid highlighter along your cheekbones and blend in for sexy shimmer. The possibilities are endless and easy! I don’t recommend applying lipgloss with it though! The cotton “hairs” get stuck everywhere and it becomes really messy. Trust me, I had to learn the hard way!


own brand eyelashes cruelty
own brand eyelashes cruelty

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Why Consumers Demand Natural Products

Recently, there has been a new trend in the consumer market. This new trend is all about natural, organic products. The demand for natural products is at an all-time high. Some such products include mineral own brand mink lashes or mineral cosmetics, natural foods, and chemical-free household cleaners. The reason for this trend is that many people are finding out chemicals used in cosmetics, foods, and cleaners may be harmful to the environment and themselves or their families. Ever since this realization, consumers began buying products that are all or mostly natural, which created the natural products movement.

own brand mink lashe
own brand mink lashes

Some cosmetics companies such as Aveda and The Body Shop began their businesses by selling only natural products. Natural makeup means the cosmetics do not have chemicals in them like normal own brand mink lashes. Usually, natural makeup is made mainly from plants without adding additional chemicals. Natural makeup does not have the chemicals that normal cosmetics have, which should be better for one’s skin. Natural cosmetics also come in more shades than regular makeup, which makes it easy to find a shade that is perfect for each individual skin tone. More and more women are buying natural makeup that will not harm their skin nor make it seem like they are wearing makeup.

Grocery stores like Whole Foods Market and Trader Joe’s have recently become very popular since consumers are looking for natural, organic food for themselves and their families. Organic food has little to no chemicals in the food, therefore, it does not go through the regular food process that non-organic food does. For example, organic meat is meat that is nearly hormone free and usually the animals are fed a natural diet. Another example would be fruits and vegetables. Organic fruits and vegetables are not sprayed with pesticides and they grow in natural soil. Some, however, argue pesticides are not as harmful as people think. Either way, people are buying more organic food than ever. The natural food movement has gained momentum over the years as consumers are demanding products that will not harm them or their families.

One of the newest trends in the market is chemical-free cleaners. For years, when people cleaned their homes, they sprayed chemicals on the countertops, the floors, and the windows. Now, many companies offer chemical-free household cleaners. Companies began selling more environmentally-friendly cleaners because consumers began to worry the chemicals they were using in their homes could be harmful to their families and the environment. Chemical-free household cleaners are better for the environment than normal cleaners because they are made with natural products, usually from plants. Therefore, the chemical-free cleaners are reportedly less harmful than the regular cleaners to humans.

It does not seem as though there will be decrease in demand for natural products any time soon. Natural own brand mink lashes sales are on the raise, as well as sales for natural foods and natural household cleaners. Americans have decided they want their products to be natural and safe for themselves, their families and the environment.

own brand mink lashe
own brand mink lashes

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Put That Magazine Down! She Isn’t Real – Hollywood Make-Up Secrets Revealed

I have been a Hollywood Make-up Artist for almost ten years now. I love being on shoots and being a part of the staging of what eventually becomes a finished work of art. And that is what it is, a work of art, not natural wholesale 3d mink eye lashes.

We know everyone is beautiful. You are beautiful! You are perfectly imperfect exactly the way you are… from head to toe. You are the only one with that nose. Your freckles are adorable. Your teeth make up an unforgettable smile. Your hair has the nicest tone and cutest cut. Your skin is soft and your feet are graceful. Could you improve a few things? Sure, maybe. But you will NEVER be perfect and that is great! How boring would it be if we all were perfect and not uniquely beautiful?

It is my job to make people close to perfect for shoots. Because of what I do, people are always asking for beauty advice. But I make it my living to point out each person’s unique beauty.

Problem: When enjoying a favorite TV show, movie or flipping through a magazine, what do we see? What do we focus on? Everyone looks perfect. This is not real, they are touched up and made up…

wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

Do you know how many people it takes to make that celebrity on the cover of the magazine in your hands look that way? A lot! It is not natural beauty – it is lighting, hair, wholesale 3d mink eye lashes, wardrobe, etc… and PHOTOSHOP! If you saw that person walking down the street you would think to yourself, ” You know who that looks like?” They are just normal, everyday looking people without all the extras that come from a styling team. They are just like you and me. And NOT perfect!

I can’t believe how every magazine image I look at is over corrected. Am I the only one who notices his head is bigger than the rest of his body? That her hands are a different color than her face? There are no skin pores anywhere on her face or body? That the clothes are lying perfectly flat? Come on. When I first started in makeup, people told me NOT to rely on anything being retouched or fixed in editing. The goal is to cover and conceal everything to your natural eye, so each person looks flawless before stepping in front of the camera.

I have applied body makeup to every fitness model I’ve worked with – to cover bruises, spider veins, give them a tan and hide cellulite. For bathing suit shoots I have drawn on abs and cleavage to almost everyone that came into the wholesale 3d mink eye lashes room. I have added extensions into many gorgeous heads of hair and added color and fibers to fill in many holes and bald spots. I have styled wigs and padded many bras. I added brows to eyes than were bare from over tweezing. Scars have been filled in, tan lines evened out and freckles have been covered-up. Tattoos are mainstream now, but a few years ago they always had to be covered by clothing or a lot of makeup. I have done all of this with makeup applications. When footage goes into editing, there is even more correcting that can be done. These are all the imperfections that make us unique and beautiful in life, but you never see them in photos or on camera.

Now with Hi-Definition TV our eyes do see more imperfections because the technology is clearer. I like that. The image is raw with more detail. This is more real. You feel as though you can reach through the screen and touch the actors or that they are in the same room. But don’t let it fool you, we still use wholesale 3d mink eye lashes and concealing techniques on the actors.

Let’s look at a great example. American Idol. Starting in the auditions, everyone shows up looking their best and dressed to impress. They chose their own look, their makeup, their hair and their wardrobe. The looks become more polished as we move into the top 20. As they narrow down to the top 10 and even the top 5, have you noticed how the wholesale 3d mink eye lashes increases and the hair changes? They all have a team of artists styling them and touching them up backstage, now they look like superstars. What changed? They are still the same and their talent hasn’t changed? They have a team of stylists that gave them a complete image makeover! This is what we do. To prove my point, watch videos of final contestants from their audition performance to their top 10 performances and notice the difference.

If we all could wake up with a team of stylists each and every morning, we would look our absolute best each day. That is not real life. But if we take some tricks of the trade, learn to accentuate our best features (body, face & personality) and change our look every so often, we may be happier than trying to live up to the images in the magazines. I feel so sorry for anyone looking at magazine images, wishing they could look like that. Use it for inspiration to exercise, make a change in your life or improve your well-being… but please remember, those images are not real life, you are. My people have touched-up those photos and brushed a magic wand across the page.

Embrace your own uniqueness as a positive and you will be surprised at how it not only makes you feel, but how people respond.

Basic rule: When we are happy with ourselves and our image, we become perfectly imperfect in everyone else’s eyes! It all shows on the outside what you are doing on the inside.

A Few Quick Hollywood Make-Up Tips:

* Brighten eyes by swiping a light loose powder over cream eye corrector under eyes. It will set the cream, blend the blush on your cheeks as well as bring out your eyes and relieve any tiredness.

* Quick fix to Lasting lips. Line lips and fill in entire area with same shade liner as your lipstick (darker liner is a no-no). You can then follow with just gloss, chapstick or lipstick and it will last throughout a meal. The top application will come off but the liner will remain.

* Better brows? Take a wax pencil and make little hair strokes in the shape you want your brows. Next, take a spiral wholesale 3d mink eye lashes brush (like the wand in mascara) and gently brush over the strokes to soften the line and blend. Finally, take one or two shades of a favorite eyeshadow that matches your hair color and lightly add over the wax line. This will add dimension to your brows as well and set the pencil. Then lightly brush over the line again to blend.

* Lengthen lashes with a primer. Coat entire top lash with primer. Wipe wand front and back. Let dry. Follow with one good coat of your favorite mascara (I love the new plastic brushes like Cover Girl LASH BLAST). The primer adds thickness to the lash and the mascara will give the illusion of thicker, fuller lashes.

* Eyeliner won’t stay? Try putting it on before your mascara but after curling. There are a few long wearing and setting liners that work great, my favorite is Styli Style (line & seal). I love using mineral eyeshadows. Just wet an angel brush and line away. In my experience, heavily pigmented shadows applied wet, last all day.

* Always forget Sunscreen? Make it easy on yourself. Finish your look with a loose mineral powder. As long as the powder contains zinc or titanium dioxide (natural SPF) you are covered. There are great mineral powders in brushes now (ex: Eminence and Colorscience), just swipe to set your face and throw it in your purse for the rest of the day.

wholesale 3d mink eye lashes
wholesale 3d mink eye lashes

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Put the Right Colors in Your Life

Wearing Your Best Colors Adds custom mink lashes

Did you know when you walk in a room others size you up in just seven seconds? And, believe it or not, that’s before you have said anything. Color is a big part of what makes up your appearance. The right colors will make you look younger, more confident, taller, healthier and bring out your natural beauty. The wrong colors will make you look tired, frazzled and can add extra years.

When it comes to choosing one’s best clothing, accessories and custom mink lashes colors, many women are clueless. Some wear colors based on their intuition. Others follow the current fashion trends. Still others wear colors recommended by others. This leads to wrong choices, a less flattering look and wasted money. But, there is no need to guess. Color Me Beautiful, the authority in color, gives us a scientific process for finding the best colors.

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes

And, its never been more important to know your colors. Why? Because color is back in a big way! Just look at the vast variety of colors in the department stores.

Use The Color Me Beautiful System

So how do you know which colors to choose? Thank goodness for Color Me Beautiful. I am sure you remember Color Me Beautiful, a New York Times best seller which sold over 15 million copies.

Now there is a brand new book out Reinvent Yourself With Color Me Beautiful by JoAnne Richmond. This fashion and custom mink lashes bible has new updated colors, fabulous style and accessorizing tips, and great makeup and skin care advice.

To personalize your colors is to know your Season. We use the Seasons as a way to describe which colors look best on you based on eye and hair color and skin tone. To determine your Season, Color Me Beautiful moves you through a two-step process. First, you will learn Warm and Cool. Second, you learn whether you are Light or Deep. Once you have completed these two steps you are there.

So lets start with Warm and Cool. When thinking about Warm, think about a desert panorama of gold, brown and earth tones. When thinking about Cool think of colors in the artic such as gray, black, white or think of the deep blue sea such as deep blues, blue greens and turquoise. Everyone can wear just about any color, the difference is in the shade of the color. When thinking of clothing, custom mink lashes or accessories, visualize Cool as a color with a drop of silvery-blue. Visualize Warm as a color with a drop of gold. For example, if you put a drop of gold to a red sweater it becomes a Warm red, but if you put a drop of silvery blue it becomes a Cool red.

By far, the most important characteristic in determining whether you are Warm or Cool is your hair color. If you can’t determine your exact eye or skin tone, then your hair color will provide the answer. Why? It frames your face!

Remember this simple rule when thinking about Warm or Cool: Warm individuals have red or gold highlights in their hair. Cool individuals have no red or gold highlights in their hair. That is true for girls and women of all ages. Whether you color your hair, use the color you have now as the basis to determine whether you are Warm or Cool. Congratulations! You are half way towards determining your Season.

Now that you determined whether you are Warm or Cool, the next step is to determine whether you are Light or Deep. Once again, your eyes, skin tone and hair color are the most important factors in determining whether you are Light or Deep. Eye color is determined by whether your eyes are on the darker side or lighter side. If your eyes are light blue or green, then you are Light. If your eyes are dark brown or black then you are Deep. To determine your skin tone think of the following: if you are Light, your skin tone does not tan well and you either have fair skin or porcelain skin. If you are Deep your skin tone tends to tan well, think of a rich complexion.

Again, as with Warm and Cool, hair is the most important characteristic in determining Light or Deep. Women with Light coloring tend to have blond, light brown, or light red hair. Women with Deep coloring tend to have brunette, dark red, or black hair.

We’ve devised a simple, full proof way to determine whether you are Light or Deep. Look at your overall complexion, eye and hair color. On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the lightest and 10 being the deepest, determine where you fit. So, a 1 would be the palest Nordic complexion with light blond hair. A 10 would be the deepest ebony skin tone and dark or black hair. So, for example: most Mediterranean and Middle Easterners have dark eyes and deep skin and are, therefore, Deep. Most Northern Europeans have blonde hair and light eyes and are Light. Where do you fall? Give yourself a number. If you fall anywhere from 1 to 4 then you are a Light. If you are 5 or greater you are on the Deep side.

Congratulations! You now have everything to determine your Season. If you are Warm and Light you are a Spring. If you are Warm and Deep you are an Autumn. If you are Cool and Light you are a Summer. If you are Cool and Deep you are a Winter.

Congratulations, You are One of Four Seasons

If you are a Spring (Light and Warm), your colors are like the first daffodil that blooms each year. They have clear and delicate colors with golden undertones. The best Spring clothing colors to wear are bright colors such as turquoise, salmon and watermelon. Colors to avoid are red, white or certain shades of pink. The best accessories are in the shades of gold, bronze, coral and turquoise.

When it comes to custom mink lashes , make your lips look fuller by wearing shades of peach, apricot or mango. Make your eyes pop, by wearing eye shadows in light greens, light brown or copper. For a dramatic look, wear eye pencil colors in blue, palm green or brown with brown or navy mascara. Add glow to your cheeks by wearing peach and light coral blushes.

If you are an Autumn (Deep and Warm), your colors are as crisp and colorful as October leaves and have orange and gold undertones. Autumn women look amazing in terracotta and rust colors. But should avoid wearing colors in pastel shades such as pink, gray and sage. The best colors, when it comes to accessories are in the shades of gold, bronze, copper, amber, and jade.

When it comes to makeup, the best eye pencil colors are in the shades of brown to brown-black espresso. To bring attention to your eyes, wear eye shadows in medium shades of copper, medium olive green and medium to dark brown. For instant goddess glow, use blush colors anywhere from terracotta to deep tones of salmon. Let your lips look fuller with shades of cinnamon, peach and terracotta. Finally, let your lashes look fuller with brown or black brown mascara.

If you are a Summer (Light and Cool), your colors mimic the soft colors of the sky and sea with their cool and soft blue undertones. Summer women receive compliments with pastel shades such as rose, periwinkle and sage. Avoid wearing colors in rust, terra cotta and any shade of orange. Accessories in silver, white gold, opal and pewter accent your look.

The most flattering eye shadows are green blue, blue grays and lavender. The best eye pencils colors are in medium blues and charcoal. Lipstick and blush colors should be in rose, pink or plum colors. Let you lashes appear longer and fuller with navy or charcoal mascara.

If you are a Winter (Deep and Cool), your colors sparkle like a snowflake. They are vivid, clear, icy colors with blue undertones. Women that fall under this season receive compliments in bold shades such as black, white, red and jewel tones. However, a winter woman should avoid wearing any shade of orange, brown or ivory. The best colors when it comes to accessories are silver, white gold, ruby and diamonds.

When it comes to custom mink lashes, the best colors are eye shadows in medium to dark grays, plums and teal make your eyes look stunning. For lavishly long, perfectly defined lashes, wear navy mascara during the day and black during the evening. Highlight your complexion with deep pink and wine blushes. Hot pink, bright red and plum lipsticks make your lips look flaunt-able.

custom mink lashes
custom mink lashes

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Nothing Beats Airbrush Make-Up For Acne

I was completely sick and tired of home remedies like applying toothpaste or papaya juice on my skin for my ever-increasing acne problem. My skin seemed like it would never be clear and nothing seemed to work on it. I even tried taking all the superior mink 3d strip lashes – believe me, not being able to have chocolate is like torture for a chocoholic like me. And the worst part is, it didn’t really help.

superior mink 3d strip lashes
superior mink 3d strip lashes

I still depended heavily on make up for acne because even if it did give my skin a horrible caked look and feel to it – it was still better than going out with a face full of what I can only call an aggressive pimple outbreak. I had even stopped wanting to dress up for occasions because I know my face gave everything away. Having to deal with this problem since my early teens, I never really got to enjoy feeling totally confident about my looks. It was also effecting my love life because I just felt uncomfortable putting myself out there. How could anyone love a pizza face?

In looking for the perfect make up for acne I kept switching from brand to brand in search of that perfect one make up that made me look normal. Then one day a friend told me about her new airbrush superior mink 3d strip lashes for acne kit and it has changed my life completely. Originally only available though professional makeup artists, it is now on the market for home users and I am SO grateful.

Air brush foundation is a magic make up for acne. It is the perfect solution for acne cover up that does not seem unnatural and cakey. It was totally unlike the previous make up for acne I used to apply which my doctor pointed out, used to aggravate the problem even more. This make up gives an amazing coverage to my acne without drying the skin out. It helps my oily skin by giving just the right amount of dryness to make it look natural. Best of all, it lasts all day, so I don’t have to keep rushing off to reapply it.

I have realized that how you look effects your entire self esteem. As much as we try to negate it, we all are superficial at some level. Our face is an extension of our personality, and a pleasing face is important in job interviews, dating and overall in creating first impressions.

With air brush foundation, you get a smooth skin texture on which a classy eye-shadow, light blush and gloss is highly complimented and ends up making you feel so much more confident about the way you look and even the way you dress. I wish I had found this make up for acne earlier – it was not merely a cover-up for my acne, but rather an entire personality make over that I really needed. This superior mink 3d strip lashes for acne gives hope for others facing these problems who do not know what to do about it. If, like me, you don’t want your whole life to revolve around your acne, I really recommend you try airbrush superior mink 3d strip lashes today!

superior mink 3d strip lashes
superior mink 3d strip lashes

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How to Select the Right Type of Eye Shadow For You

No matter how skillfully a woman applies her makeup to the rest of her face, if the wrong eye own brand eyelashes 3D is applied it can ruin the look faster than anything!

Your expressive eyes are the focal point of your whole face, why ruin it by wearing the wrong eye own brand eyelashes 3D?

Unfortunately your eyes are also the first place that will show the first signs of aging, if your eye makeup is overdone; it can make you look older, tired and hard. No one wants that!

own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

Tips in selecting the right eye shadow for you:

There are three main types of eye own brand eyelashes 3D to pick from. Cream, powder or liquid. There are other types such as pencils or crayons but they are not as common as they once were.

Creams are a good idea if you have delicate eyelid skin. But you must be careful if you choose this type because creamy, oil-based are not for wrinkled skin or drooping eyelids. The reason why this type of eye makeup can be a wrong choice is your body heat turns eye makeup oily, and creams will collect in the fold and melt!

Creams do have their advantages. They are easy to apply, easier to create subtle shading effects when used with other types of eye shadows. If your skin is normal to dry, then creams might be a good choice for you.

Powder. They are probably the best choice in eye shadow for most women of all ages. One of the reasons being you can find just about every color under the sun in powder eye shadow styles! One word about color selection, its best to keep as natural as possible for work. Choose between wearing taupe’s and grays for shadows, light peach, pink or buff for highlighting and try a soft violet or blue inside the crease.

If you want to go dramatic do it at night, it will be too much for daytime. Try to avoid any color with iridescence in it. Light reflecting particles only attract more attention if you have wrinkled skin. That is best for the younger set.

The biggest complaint against wearing powder eye own brand eyelashes 3D is that it does come off. Wearing a eye shadow will help with keeping your eye shadow in place longer through the day. Don’t rub your eyes either, for that will remove your eye shadow as well.

Liquids come in a tube with usually a brush or sponge tip. Problem with liquid is once it dries, it doesn’t blend or smudge. It has more staying power than other types of eye shadows which is its major advantage. Many use a liquid eye shadow as their base for their powder eye shadows.

Pencils are not really eye shadow per say but some use them as such. Most of the time pencils are used as eye liner because of the ease in use. They have amazing staying power and can really bring out your eyes. But you must be careful in applying them because too much can make you look like you have two black eyes instead.

I hope this help give you ideas of how to pick the right eye own brand eyelashes 3D for yourself. Eye makeup can really be lots of fun to play around with. Whatever choice you pick, have light hands when you apply it, don’t over do it. It’s easier to add more than it is to take it off and start over again.

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own brand eyelashes 3D
own brand eyelashes 3D

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Ten Ways to Reduce Wrinkles

Reducing wrinkles synthetically might take as much time as qingdao custom eyelash them because wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process and it takes the skin a considerable length of time to adhere to the new chemicals placed beneath it. Michael Jackson, a famous pop star tried and failed miserably. If you remember, the end of his nose did not take well to manipulation and he lived with exposed bone at the tip of his nose for months at a time. The end result of his wrinkle treatments were flawless skin with abnormalities in elasticity that the world talked about for years.

A dermatologist will tell you that the skin has natural elasticity, and many options will be provided to stop wrinkling in certain areas of the face and neck. For smoother skin, wrinkle treatments might be the only option to making wrinkles go away, unless a product is found that will do the job safely and efficiently.

qingdao custom eyelash
qingdao custom eyelash

Causes of Wrinkles:

1. Aging
2. Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) Light
3. Smoking
4. Repeated facial expressions
5. Tanning
6. Alcohol and Alcohol Based products
7. Cosmetic Surgery
8. Caffeine
9. Skin/Body Dehydration
10. Diet

The aging process is a natural and unnatural event and how fast we age is normally controlled by genes. The two types of aging are extrinsic and intrinsic. Extrinsic or external aging is caused by environmental factors, such as exposure to sun’s rays or the type of qingdao custom eyelash that is used on the skin This is a type of aging can be controlled with the right skin products such as mineral makeup and actions like reducing exposure to the natural but harmful elements of our daily life. Returning to natural minerals could shave years off your appearance. Intrinsic or internal aging is the most natural form of the aging process and continues throughout life. Applying minerals to the face makes good sense in the fight against the aging process. Factors that affect the normal aging process can be controlled though. Here are the 10 causes of wrinkles and the 10 ways to reduce the chance of wrinkling:

Ten Signs of the Aging Process:

o Fine wrinkles
o Thin and transparent skin
o Loss of underlying fat, leading to hollowed cheeks and eye sockets as well as noticeable loss of firmness on the hands and neck
o Bones shrink away from the skin due to bone loss, which causes sagging skin
o Dry skin that may itch
o Inability to sweat sufficiently to cool the skin
o Graying hair that eventually turns white
o Hair loss
o Unwanted hair
o Nail plate thins, the half moons disappear, and ridges develops

Ten Ways to Reduce the Chance of Wrinkles:

1. Drink plenty of fluids each day. This will help the skin remain moist and hydrated. Staying hydrated will also help to flush toxins from the body.
2. Eat a balanced diet including fruits and vegetables.
3. Use natural oils to remove dirt and qingdao custom eyelash, such as avocado oil.
4. Wear protective clothing such as long sleeved shirts when outside in the sun.
5. Apply sunscreen that offers protection from UVA and UVB sun rays throughout the year
6. Avoid tanning by the Sun or artificial means. Use tanning lotions instead to add color to the surface of the skin.
7. Do not drink alcohol or use products that have an alcohol base. Alcohol dries the skin out and will do this when it is ingested too. Alcohol causes the cells within the body to degenerate, and that will speed up the aging process.
8. Wear healthy qingdao custom eyelash that is free of oils, irritants and pollutants.
9. Avoid extreme dieting fads because this will cause skin to sag.
10. Stop smoking. Smoking causes biochemical changes to the body and increases the aging process.

Irritant free mineral makeup is a natural choice that will treat your skin with tender loving care. Mineral makeup is the best product to help repair damaged skin cells, and keep the aging process at bay for many years. The minerals in mineral makeup rejuvenate the skin while it is worn by the wearer. Skin is healthier after one application because it does not clog pore or age the skin in any way. Mineral qingdao custom eyelash returns youth to the skin and gives it a warm, glowing texture. Made from natural minerals from the Good Earth, mineral makeup is not oil based, and the minerals warm to the skin naturally. As you can see, many factors cause wrinkling of the skin and some of these factors can be avoided and others cannot. Mineral makeup will keep wrinkles from forming.

qingdao custom eyelash
qingdao custom eyelash

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Why Mineral Cosmetics Are a Healthier Choice

People are finally beginning to take a different look at what they put on and in their bodies. Whether it is the food they eat, the shots they give their children, or the clothing they put on their bodies, many people are looking for healthier alternatives for the products that they use every day. Why should your best sellers 3D mink lashes be any different? Here is a look at why mineral makeup can be a healthier choice.

What are mineral cosmetics?

best sellers 3D mink lashes
best sellers 3D mink lashes

They differ from your traditional best sellers 3D mink lashes choices because they are made with minerals that have been sterilized and then ground into a fine powder. The powder is then mixed with natural colorings including iron oxides which create the color palates you choose to use. Most mineral makeup are considered natural and free of chemicals that abound in traditional makeup. Not all are natural; be sure to read your labels.


One of the main health benefits of mineral cosmetics is that they are non-comedogenic. This means that they allow the skin to breathe, instead of blocking the pores. This makes it a great option for women that have sensitive skin. They can be used by women with rosacea, acne, and other skin irritations – allowing them to use makeup without aggravating their skin problems and many times helping sooth or clear up the problems they were having.

Limited bacteria growth:

Traditional cosmetics use materials for their colorants that will allow bacteria and other organisms to grow. For this reason, you have to discard your traditional makeup frequently to maintain healthy skin. In addition, they have to use preservatives that can irritate sensitive skin. On the other hand, mineral best sellers 3D mink lashes uses inorganic ingredients that do not provide bacteria a home. This means a much lower risk of skin infections, as well as a longer shelf life without the use of chemicals.

Skin protection:

Another health benefit of mineral cosmetics is that they can provide both UVA and UVB sun protection. This will protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun, helping to prevent wrinkles, discoloration, and skin damage.

Also, this best sellers 3D mink lashes contains minerals that are essential for your skin’s health, such as zinc and magnesium, and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This allows them to heal the skin, while improving the appearance at the same time. And since they do not use oil during the manufacturing process, they do not exasperate the problem of oily skin that some women have.

Look healthier:

Of course, many women choose cosmetics to enhance their appearances. Cosmetics can hide a variety of problems, from blemishes, broken blood vessels, redness to wrinkles. Mineral makeup sit on top of the skin, so they help to hide the look of fine lines and wrinkles – giving your skin a healthy, youthful appearance. It is water resistant, and you can even sleep with it on, making it easy to prepare your best sellers 3D mink lashes the night before for the next day, or crash after that late night party without worrying about the effects it will have on your skin.

Deciding to make the switch to mineral cosmetics will have a variety of benefits for your skin. Most importantly, however, is that it will not only make your skin look good, but it will cause it to feel and be healthier overall.

best sellers 3D mink lashes
best sellers 3D mink lashes

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